What we offer to you

What we offer to you

One Point

Of Contact

Our customers only have one point of contact with an SCM expert at SCE; Entire Supply Chain Managed.

Total Supply Chain Management

End to End Supply Chain Management for our Customers. From Raw Material Procurement, through production, packing, labeling until delivery at Customers warehouse.

Transparency And Visibility

100% transparency & Visibility to our Customers pertaining to all their Supply Chains.


We are able to Accompany our Orders with Organic Certification. These Include USDA, EU, JAS, NASAA etc.

How SCE Enhance Your Supply Chain

  1. SCS specializes in maintaining a diverse Range of Suppliers and Product Portfolios. 
  2. Hence, we are able to Procure products based on your Exact Needs & requirements. 
  3. Our Logistics network enables us to Ensure that the products you purchase Securely reach your Final Destination. 
  4. Hence, with just one contact point at Silk Chains; you can ensure that your Supply Chain in Managed effetely from end-to-end.

product portfolio

The Company takes care of Supply Chains from Sourcing, Manufacturing/processing, Packaging, Labelling, comprising - Total Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM) / Private Labelling, Shipping / Logistics, Clearance (for some destinations) and last-mile delivery/fulfillment.


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